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Our Caron Restaurants are places where guests come home. Warm ambiances where you feel welcome, appreciated and embraced by the sensation of familiarity. Born from the family tradition of cooking and sharing, the restaurants are the natural continuation, the home of this tradition, building on the love for those with whom we share memorable moments.

Over the years, many have found their way to our restaurants, often returning and becoming regulars. We pride ourselves on always serving French cuisine the Caron way; the way that honors the essence of French cuisine and promotes quality, authenticity and sustainability.

About Caron

In 2016, we started our first restaurant on Frans Halsstraat, in the heart of the vibrant De Pijp neighborhood, on the edge of Amsterdam's historic center and canals. Café Caron was born from the inspiration to create a true French bistrot offering a refined take on extensive traditional cuisine in a warm, homey atmosphere. Driven by love and appreciation and not long after Café opened its doors, Petit Caron followed. In April of 2018, Petit welcomed its first guest to its bustling terrace overlooking Gerard Douplein, a stone's throw from Café Caron. Guests young and old settled down for a glass of wine, oysters, small dishes of traditional meats, cheeses and a finely prepared menu of classic bistro dishes.

In May 2024, Petit Caron will have a new home. At home on the Frans Halstraat as a neighbor and little brother of Café Caron



David Caron

In 2019, Café Caron and Petit Caron have become beloved spots with people from Amsterdam and beyond. This recognition led to a unique opportunity to take over a restaurant on calm Reaelen Island, a historic island just west of Amsterdam's Central Station. It was the Gouden Reael that was looking for a new owner, the restaurant where Alain got his first job in the kitchen when he moved to Amsterdam in 1982 and where he came under the tutelage of legendary chef Ernst Gottlieb. A strong sense of meant-to-be drove our family to make this homecoming a reality and to care for the restaurant's decades-long heritage. As Alain has always proclaimed: the circle is complete.

Coming Home
Poiles, Golden Reel
Poiles, Golden Reel
Tom, Alain, David, at Café Caron for Vogue Living
Tom, Alain, David, at Café Caron for Vogue Living

In April 2024, a new era dawns for the Golden Reel that transforms into Tannay and becomes home to the young and talented chef Thomas Demuth, born in France. When we are faced with COVID-19 in 2020 and we have to take care with the measures in force, the opportunity comes along for us to open a temporary restaurant on the Westergasfabriek grounds. This one was born out of necessity: Petit Caron on Gerard Douplein, is too small for the 1.5 meter rule. As a result, our smallest restaurant unfortunately could not open to guests and the Machine Building on the Westergasterrein offers a temporary solution.

About Caron

But our presence at the Westergasasterrein proved to be a hit, and after many enthusiastic responses from our guests and the park's cultural managers, we decided to stay. Cantine de Caron will open its doors in May 2021, a family-style brasserie where we can welcome our guests in larger parties. With four different perspectives, we now had the opportunity to serve guests a variety of perspectives on French cuisine, all in the warm environment that exists within the family. From haute cuisine, to sophisticated bistrot dining, from a classic brasserie to sipping a glass of wine with a selection of small dishes. A complete culinary story that ultimately celebrates life shared with friends and family.

About Caron

A lot has happened since Café Caron first opened its doors in 2016. But thanks to the strong foundations, the essence has always remained and characterized the restaurants success. The conviction of loyalty, quality and authenticity is embedded in Caron's culture and can be felt in each of the team members. Gradually, many suppliers also became friends whose contribution to the guests' experience is integral. Local farmers, butchers, winemakers and wine supplier, each relationship is a celebration of the quality that should be felt in the restaurants.

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