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After a momentous four years under the wings of the Caron Family, we turn the page and welcome our chef Thomas Demuth to join us, to tell his story. Tannay, named after the appellation Coteaux Tannay where Thomas grew up in Burgundy and his father still makes wine, marks a new chapter in which Thomas, supported by Alain's culinary hand, will prepare dishes that pay homage to his roots in Tannay. He will do so using a set 5-course menu or à la carte.

We prefer to cook with seasonal ingredients, and in addition to meat and fish, we also use gluten, nuts and lactose. We can accommodate many allergies and dietary needs, but it is best if we are aware of these before your visit to Tannay. You can indicate this when making your reservation.

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Sand Corner 14
1013 KT Amsterdam

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Monday to Sunday
18:00 – 00:00

Restaurants Caron was founded in 2016 by brothers Tom and David and their father Alain Caron. With their first restaurant, Café Caron, they wanted to serve their customers Alain's take on French cuisine with the warmth and familiarity they had cultivated at home. It quickly grew into a place that attracts many repeat customers and visitors from around the world. Caron now has four restaurants in Amsterdam, each with its own interpretation and perspective of a home-style restaurant driven by French bistro qualities.

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