Caron trip no. 2

June 2023

For the second time this year we were privileged to invite some of our colleagues for a short trip to a wine region as part of our Caron Trips and an investment in our people. A special experience for all of us at Florent Baumard's wine estate, Domaine des Baumard in Rochefort-sur-Loire.

Once again we got to spend four days tasting, dining and being together with a small team of colleagues from our restaurants. This time in the Loire region and the spring sunshine gave a unique connection between 2-generation winemakers Florent and Charles, Job and Eva of the Golden Ton and our colleagues. Strolling among the vines and visiting the wine cellars under the explanation of the winemakers gave a unique depth into the world of still, sparkling and dessert wines from the Loire. An embodiment of information that we have often covered during our restaurant wine tastings but that rarely sticks as well as when you have the bunches in your own hand for a moment.

So don't look surprised if one of our colleagues enthusiastically and nostalgically advises you this summer to have a nice sweet glass of Chenin Blanc, Clos de Catherine 2015 with your dessert. They know from experience that, that is a delightful idea!

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