Opening Tannay

April 20, 2024

After a memorable four years under the wings of the Caron family, Restaurant De Gouden Reael on Realen Island is undergoing a special transformation. Starting Saturday, April 20, the Caron family will turn a page and welcome a new era to this monumental corner of the city under the name Tannay.

Chef Thomas Demuth, as a partner of the Caron family, will introduce Tannay to the Amsterdam culinary scene. Tannay, named after the appellation Coteaux Tannay where Thomas grew up in Burgundy and his father still makes wine, marks a new era for this historic establishment. With his track record and backed by the culinary hand of Alain, Chef Thomas Demuth promises to present a menu that pays homage to his roots in Tannay and scenic Burgundy, as well as his emerging career.

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